How Probiotics Work

There are billions of bacteria inside and on the surface of the body. Many of those are beneficial but when there aren’t enough of those beneficial bacteria, some problems can occur. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria administered to a section of the body that is low in beneficial bacteria, usually the gut, so that the body can maintain homeostasis and absorb nutrients properly. This is also greatly beneficial to the GI tract as food would be digested easier and more smoothly.  

Why plant-based probiotics?

Bacteria incorporate and inhabit large sections on and in the body; whether that is positive or negative depends on the type of bacteria and the processes they undergo. Humans and animals’ have many beneficial bacteria living in their digestive system, mainly in the gut, which also hosts a vast and complex ecosystem of microbiota that help maintain homeostasis or proper balance within the body. By breaking down components and processing nutrients, probiotics act as a barrier to help aid the GI tract with food digestion and immune response. This means that most bacteria can also be utilized for good functionality in the host body and many people utilize probiotics for this exact reason. (1)

Probiotics are a portion of beneficial live bacteria and are administered safely to a body’s natural biome to provide health and digestive benefits. To be effective, probiotics must be administered live.Many probiotic supplements today are highly fragile; these strains often die when exposed to stomach acids, oxygen, and non-refrigerated environments. To complicate things even more, probiotics must first survive the manufacturing process, during which ingredients are often subjected to a broad spectrum of heat and oxygen. Even if manufactured and delivered live, many probiotics don’t make it to the gut after first being exposed to lethal stomach acids during the digestion process. Our patented strain of probiotics (Pediococcus acidilactici) has been thoroughly tested and has been proven to be able to withstand the challenging journey that our probiotics make from garden to gut. At Proper Pastures, our probiotics are developed from plant-based microorganisms. Our probiotics can survive when exposed to oxygen, temperatures of up to 185oC and highly acidic environments. (2) 

proper pastures probiotic survival in different conditions

Our probiotics are derived from specific plants that have developed unique physiological adaptations that enable them to survive in challenging climates / conditions.  While there are many products available on the market, few are able to effectively stabilize gut microbiota without refrigeration, preservatives, or stable packaging. 
When put to the test, our plant-based probiotics can survive up to two years without refrigeration or special storage conditions. (2)    

proper pastures probiotic survival compared to lactobacillus      

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