The Proper Pastures Difference

The Proper Pastures difference is simple - we believe that when it comes to supplements, less is more. While there are hundreds of supplements out there in many different forms and formulations, we’ve adopted three very simple rules: 

  1. Use 100% plant-based ingredients
  2. Only use what’s necessary
  3. Keep processing to a minimum

In a world where product “innovation” often means simply “adding more stuff” to the same product, we believe that the real challenge in product innovation is actually figuring out how many ingredients you can remove. We hope that you’ll appreciate the work we’ve done to innovate from the ground up, quite literally in this case. Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work sourcing high-quality plant-based ingredients and designing a unique manufacturing process that helps to preserve nutritional value while delivering highly potent supplementation, all within a simple form factor that your horses will love. We’re excited to finally share our work with you and look forward to seeing what you think! 

As we begin this journey together, we want you to know that your support will not only help us bring Proper Pastures to more communities, but will also help us secure higher-quality ingredients, reduce our environmental impact, and support non-profit equine-focused organizations that work tirelessly in communities all over the country. We’re actively working with our suppliers to identify organic, locally-sourced ingredients, and environmentally friendly packaging materials; we hope that our definition of “innovation” is aligned with yours. We promise to be exceptional stewards of your support and will work with you as much as we can to ensure that we’re investing in the right direction. If you have ideas or suggestions on how we might be able to better serve you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

For those of you that have supported us along the way, thank you for believing in our vision and letting us learn about your horses and the communities you’ve built around them.